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RATSL-VI Single Post Alto Saxophone

$3,995.00 $2,495.00

Just like my new alto I am very happy excited about my latest alto saxophone. I have been a fan of the King, Conn saxophones of the past and they were Single Post Construction…. So, I decided to make this alto Single Post Construction.  It has full body, neck and key hand engraving. 2 necks 1 92% Copper with the Rheuben Allen Freedom/Power Neck Brace with Sliding Weight System.  1 Brass with a traditional neck brace. High F-Sharp key, Rheuben Allen Designed High F-Sharp key and Trill F-Sharp Keys. The front F is very easy to reach without needing to remove your 1st finger of the left hand from the B Pearl. Easy access from the Palm Keys.

*These saxophones are manufacturer DIRECT to you. There is no middle man so I can keep the prices fair….. They are only available form this site or in my warehouse in Torrance, CA

This saxopone is a LIMITED production instrument to 10 per year.
Free shipping in the continental delivery truck



Brand Name: Rheuben Allen®
Model No.:   RAASL-VI
Product Description: Alto Saxophone
Key: E-Flat
Construction: Single Post
Special Features: 1 Brass neck with a traditional neck brace and 1 92% Copper neck with the Rheuben Allen Freedom/Power neck Brace with Sliding Weight System.

*Single Post Construction: It simple means the post are solder directly to the body of the saxophone. Uses less solder on the saxophone.

*Ribbed Construction: Means the post are solder to a rib and the rib is soldered to the body.
Material:  Brass Saxophone
Finish:  Lacquer
Engraving: Full Body and Key Hand Engraving

Accessories Includes:
Mouthpiece Made in the US
Mouthpiece Cap & Ligature
Saxophone Strap
Case: Shaped Wood Case w/Shoulder Strap & Back Pack Straps

How to read the Model No. RATSL-VI
R= Rheuben
A= Allen
A = Alto
L= Lacquer
-= –
VI= Series

**Free Shipping offer is only good if the product I kept by the purchasing person. If the product is returned the client will be charged for the shipping before the refund is given.