• No Body in America need an Assult rifle to get throuth their Day

Nobody in America needs an Asult Rifle


Nobody in America needs an Assult Rifle to get through their day!  I love guns but do not want a machine gun to play with… guns are serious and need to be controled….
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One of the great misunderstandings about guns is: “If they are not in your hand, loaded and ready to fire… then they are not going to do you much good”.. Police and Soldiers are killed every day with their guns on them and sometimes in their hands…
If you have an Assault rifle in your trunk and someone walks into a restaurant where you and your family are eating, with a gun and starts shooting… guess what that Assault Rifle in your trunk is not going to do you much good!
You would need to keep your gun in your hand and at the ready for it to really do you much good in your everyday life… in our hand while eating with your family, in your hand while watching TV with your kids, in your hand while trying to show your wife or girlfriend you love them…. this is not a very practical concept.
GUN CONTROL: does not mean taking all the guns away from us… it just means more control… I need to redue my Driver License ever few years… but if I buy a gun then I never need to register it again in my lifetime… real gun lovers would like to have gun control, get a permit, learn to shoot, it is fun… guns are mostly for self-defense but we cannot count on have them when we really need them…. we need to work on the rules of having guns…