Tales of a Woodwind Repairman #1:

Tales of a Woodwind Repairman #1: In these “Tales of a Woodwind Repairman” I will talk ab out many things… some god and some not so good but true stories that I have had in the music business over the past 50 years. I hope you find some of them interesting. I am going to […]

Saxophone BS is out of control…..

Everybody has a new saxophone out today… They all claim they design them, or re-work them in the US….. but if you really look at them, they all look alike and just have different names on them…. It cost me $100,000.00USD for the tooling to set up the Kenny G Professional soprano with the Mark […]


“Cip” as he is knownto the world…. is the longest living woodwind player in the Los Angeles studio business… he is of course a legend here in LA… and I think most of the world…. he plays everyting, he is the nicest guy and he is a lot of fun to hang with…. it is […]

Rheuben Allen Alto Sax mouthpiece

My Acoustic Plastic alto saxophone mouthpieces are not only priced right but they pay great… They are made here in the US and provide saxophone players of all levels a mouthpiece they can depend on… they are also reed friendly and have a beautiful tone… there is no better alto mouthpiece on the market for […]

Never dull

A good woodwind repairman can repair almost all woodwinds… if you specialize like I do in saxophones and clarinets then you get better at doing them…. But once in a while you need to help a school or young player out…. this was one of those times…..