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Mouthpiece Position on the Soprano Saxophone

Mouthpiece Position on the Soprano Saxophone: It is very important that the mouthpiece be pushed in or down on the neck cork a good amount for the soprano to play properly… this will of course vary a little but most players do not push the mouthpiece on the cork far enough.. The length of the […]

Good Practice time is the answer!

Good Practice time is the answer! There is no equipment or magic that replaces good practice time! It is very important to remember that good practice habits are the only thing that will really improve your playing. New instruments can be great, new mouthpiece can be great but in the end you must practice… it […]

Jack Nimitz

Tales of a Woodwind Repairman 7.14.20: I have been very lucky to have had many great clients over the years (too many to name them all) …. I will tell stories about many of them in future Tales… Jack Nimitz Well, Jack became one of my best friends … here is how I met him… […]

Good Repairman Post #1

Just in case you get back on the road again…. great woodwind repairman! JIM GERMANN Background Jim Germann is a professional woodwind musician, playing flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone with a degree from Berklee College of Music in composition. While performing as a musician in Los Angeles, Jim worked with Oleg Garbuzov, repairing woodwind instruments for professionals, […]